Present yourself here

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Present yourself here

Message par plante le Ven 19 Mai 2006 - 20:06

Tell us who you are. You can also include some info on where you live, your interests...

Then I go first Razz
Well, i'm the moderator of the english section. I'm french so, I guess it's gonna be pretty hard to handle this task ^^
I'm 22 and I study in a business school in Paris. I'm keen on asian movies, asian food, asian girls... :)
Yoroshiku ! (nice to meet you xD)

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Re: Present yourself here

Message par Loe le Ven 19 Mai 2006 - 21:08

Yo everybody.

I'm Loe, the administrator of this great forum and of course, you guess it, the captain of that team, Fansub for research, you know Razz

I'm 25 years old and I'm waiting september to restart my studies Razz I finished this year a formation in 2D/3D design using Autocad and 3D studio Max.

Now, because I have a lot of time to waste before restarting my studies, I watch some movies, keep this forum alive, take care of Josie, play video games etc... Razz A geek life of course Razz

Oh no, I'm writing a long post again.... Stop flooding, time to you to tell us who you are.


Admin overbooké IRL. Tente de faire ce qu'il peut pour suivre l'histoire FFR. >Veillez l'en excuser par avance, MERCI!!!

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Re: Present yourself here

Message par Invité le Mar 23 Mai 2006 - 15:50

Hi dudes!

If I well understood the meaning of this topic, we have to introduce ourselves...
Ok, so, I am Satonori and I'm just an useless member of this forum.
Even if I don't come everyday, I'm always aware of what happen in this forum thanks to my friend, the administrator Loe.

For further more information, I'm french but korean native and I work in a trade company.
I'm also a big fan of everything about japanese stuffs, tradition and culture.


Have a nice day dudes,



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Re: Present yourself here

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