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Message par plante le Ven 26 Mai 2006 - 10:16

What is a grid?

Some scientists’ research projects are so large that they need thousands computers to handle them. When a team of computers works together to solve one problem, their work is called grid computing.

Technically speaking...
Grid computing enables the virtualization of distributed computing and data resources such as processing, network bandwidth and storage capacity to create a single system image, granting users and applications seamless access to vast IT capabilities. Just as an Internet user views a unified instance of content via the Web, a grid user essentially sees a single, large virtual computer.

What effect does world community grid have on users whose machines are being utilized for processing?

Grids are designed to be seamless and transparent. A user whose desktop PC, say, is contributing processing power to the grid will experience no negative effects: the grid runs in the background, utilizing available resources when needed by the system. If the PC user decides to run an extra-application (like a game) that requires more processing power, the wcg's work currently being processed on that machine will be dynamically decreased.

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