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Message par plante le Sam 27 Mai 2006 - 9:59

I just happened to find a FAQ about BOINC. I'll try to improve it.
First why should you choose Boinc instead of WCGA?
According to its users, using BOINC generates more points than using WCGA. Another reason to choose Boinc is the number of projects available:

What is BOINC?
BOINC stands for Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing. It is a software platform for distributed computing using volunteer computer resources. Much more information about BOINC can be found at the BOINC website:

What operating systems are supported by World Community Grid on BOINC?
World Community Grid currently supports Linux (on x86 processors), Microsoft Windows, and (Apple) Mac (on PowerPC processors) on the BOINC software platform.

Where can I get the BOINC client for Windows, Linux, or Mac?
You can download the latest version of the BOINC client from the BOINC client download website

What projects at World Community Grid are available on BOINC?
The Human Proteome Folding project and FightAIDS@Home are currently available on BOINC for Windows and Linux. Only FightAIDS@Home is available for Mac.

I'm using the BOINC agent, how do I choose which project my computer processes work for?
You can select which projects you participate in using the My Projects page . This will set the projects you participate in for all of your devices. Currently, there is no way to select which projects you participate in on a device by device basis.

How do I register for BOINC at World Community Grid and get my account key?
If you are an existing member of World Community Grid, then you can get your BOINC account key by visiting your my profile page.

If you are not yet registered with World Community Grid, then you can register with World Community Grid and get your account key on the registration page.

I lost the email that you sent with my BOINC account key. Where can I find my BOINC account key?
You can find your BOINC account key on your my profile page

I am running the BOINC agent and I know that my computer has returned several results. Where can I check the status of those results?
Distributed computing websites that utilize BOINC typically have a page where members can examine results that have been returned recently. World Community Grid does not currently have this page implemented. We are in the processing of implementing this page and it should be available soon.

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